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Crescent Dairy Co

Our small herd of dairy goats are nurtured on our family farm in North West Auckland.

We know each one by name and they thrive on fresh grass, sunshine and lots of love. The herd is free range and graze all day long on a variety of lush pasture, fresh hay & shrubs.  They have mature trees for shade from the sun and always have access to a large warm, dry barn to get out of the rain (they don't like to get wet) 

Each morning when they come in for milking they are treated to a breakfast of champions - hormone and chemical free 'muesli' 

We don't use any conventional/chemical drenches to keep them healthy, instead they get a health tonic each morning which is made up of cider vinegar, garlic, molasses and minerals.

The end result is delicious, wholesome milk from chemical, antibiotic and drench free goats.

Our A2 goats milk and yoghurt is then processed here on our farm and delivered fresh to our great stockists.

Our luxury soap range is made and packaged in New Zealand using our own fresh milk and local natural ingredients.

Both our dairy products and our skincare range are made naturally and ethically. 

From our family to yours...enjoy.

Natural, Ethical, Supporting Local