About us


Our herd is free farmed, they graze the paddocks on our 11 acre property and have 24 hour access to a lovely all weather barn which they come and go from at their leisure. They have access to fresh pasture with a variety of grasses and trees that they can nibble on or simply choose to rest under.
The freedom to roam naturally as a herd,  eating when & where they like and playing in the sunshine ensures content goats and delicious milk.
Whilst we are not certified organic we do follow organic farming practices for our day to day farming.  Part of this practice means that our goats don't get a conventional chemical drench but instead get a daily natural tonic which keeps them healthy and happy.
They are not given any hormones or chemicals.
All of our baby goats are either added in to our own herd or sold. 
The ones that are sold go to other dairy goat breeders or to happy homes that want to add a goat or two to their family.


In April 2016 Gavin and I purchased the herd from Mum and Dad and we are so proud to continue on the legacy that they have established with their reputation for exceptional bloodlines and a natural, low-impact approach to farming.   Our 2 children Carter and Pania love to help us out on the farm and they love Winter when all the baby goats arrive.


Arguably the more important 'staff' members of this whole business are our gorgeous girls.
We have a very small herd of just 43 goats who are made up of 3 breeds, Saanen, Nubian and Toggenburg.
We have 3 stud bucks here on the property.
Each goat has a name and each goat definitely has its own personality.
They are a part of our family and keep us entertained daily with their antics.
We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.
Gavin and Emily Ward